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Premium quality olive harvesting and processing equipment imported from Italy.


We think the new Alice harvester is great, it is very simple to use and very effective at picking our larger trees. In years to come it is going to be a great tool for us to have. We have around 50 mature trees and around 750 younger trees so it is going to be very handy and we will definitely purchase another one or two once our trees are in full production. It is very light weight and effective. Thanks so much to your company Silex Tools and Olivegrower & Processor.”

The successful New Zealand entrant and winner of the Alice Harvester (July 2009), Charmaine Maitland of Man ‘O War Olive Groves on Waiheke Island.




Competition Winner

Hose and Hose Reels


We recommend the yellow 8mm x 6mm for use with all Campagnola equipment. Sold in 50m lengths.

View Product PDF here

Air Hoses

Hose Reel

Heavily constructed zinc-plated frame suitable for mounting on agricultural equipment and other applications.

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Hose Reel

1 Metre Shear Hose

Shear hoses are used to lengthen the life of your air hose and fittings.

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Shear Hose

Olive Harvesters

Alice Electromechanical Harvester

The Alice Electromechanical harvester is the newest development in Olive harvesting offering very fast and efficient olive removal.

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View Product Technical PDF Here

Alice Harvester

Olistar Tuono Pneumatic Harvester

Classic style air powered harvester. A shortened piston stroke increases the beats per minute to 1800 and reduces the air usage from 200 to 150 litres per minute. Fitted to a patented Campagnola extension pole, the Tuono can harvest over 4m off the ground.

View Product PDF here

Golia Pneumatic Olive Harvester

This new design incorporates splayed fingers which move side to side. The Golia can run at a very low pressure - this slows movement making the Golia suitable for harvesting olives that easily bruise.

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Olistar Diablo Pneumatic Harvester

The new Diablo Harvester is faster and lighter than its predecessor … the MetalTop.

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Olistar Diablo

Hookshaker Pneumatic Nut Harvester and Thinner

The Campagnola pneumatic fruit thinning and harvesting hook shaker is practical and effective in thinning various kinds of fruit and blossom. These include peaches and apricots but the hook shaker is especially effective at pistachio nut and blueberry haresting.


El Toro Engine Driven Olive and Nut Harvester

Anti-vibration, 2 stroke limb shaker, designed to transmit all vibrations to the branch and not the user due to an innovative kinematic system.

A class leading, engine powered limb shaker. Proven to be very effective at removing various varieties of olives and nuts.


Other Products

Eclipse hand-held Olive Rake

Inexpensive and ideal when you’ve got the social picking day. Give everyone one of these and stand back!

Eclipse Olive Rake

Extension Poles

The Campagnola extension poles are suitable for use with almost the entire range of Campagnola pneumatic pruners, chainsaws and olive harvesters. The range includes fixed and telescopic poles.

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Extension Poles

Eco Plus PTO Compressor

The Ecoplus 1500 can run up to:

15 Campagnola pneumatic secateurs OR
7 Campagnola Olistar Olive Harvesters OR
3 Campagnola pneumatic chainsaws

View Product PDF here

Eco Plus Compressor